Navin Sanat industrialCompany is a non-governmental and non-political licensed and authorized tech­ nical which is working under the supervision of (AI SA) established in 2002 with license number (D- 2602) Navin sanat combine of two parts: metal foundry and metal industry. NSC focusing to develop Iron industry in Afghanistan we are formed to provide high standard quality products. NSC is well established and organized factory completely equipped with all the required ca­ pabilities needed for manufacturing (Cast Iron manhole and hand hole cover, clean out, valve box, Hammer for crusher, Underground cabling join box, in different size)
Also we have a good experienced staff, our top management is combined of professional engineers and qualified managers. NSC guarantees the best degree of performance and integrity in all their works according to the high standard which consistent with the contract requirements. Navin sanat foundry is focusing the quality assurance of its products and services and trying to follow the best standards. By our good management we can deliver the products on time and short time with the best quality. all th products are made in accordance with the AS TM C 478M.

Staff List

Why choose us?

As soon as the NSC receives a request order, it's passed on to the relevant department manager who examines the request and registers it. All the information is then sent to the expert department which designs the required products specifies the hardness and required material then begins looking for suitable expert. If the search proves successful, the requisition is passed to the department manager and in the appropriate correspondence language. He estimates the cost and the rate are fixed. If the clients are in agreement, plans are made for the assignment dates are fixed, information exchanged between the client and the department manager the contract documents are signed by client and the company starts its process. Then the order produced the quality control department approve the product quality and the company hand over the product to the client.
NavinSanat foundry Company offers the highest quality production of cast iron for the construction and buildings in Afghanistan, innovative, best utilized technology, dedicated to customer satisfaction and long term durability, our installation complies with all occupational health and safety regulations, all of our experienced employees are ready for working on site, we are the only producer of castings in Afghanistan

Our Policies

  • Minimize the extent of environmental impacts of operations within the company's influence.
  • Strive to minimize any omissions which may cause environmental damage
  • Conserve energy through minimizing consumption and maximizing efficiency.
  • Minimize the use of materials which may be harmful to the environment.
  • Provide suitable training on environmental issues to employees.
  • Providing the best quality of product.
  • The capacity for the performance of the work is necessary to have the knowledge how to manage
  • Provide the best machinery to manage
  • Develop the laboratory field for betterment of our product.
  • Making the highest capacity building for improvement of our foundry.
  • Using the best policy to how we can manage the best working role.
  • Making a good planning for using of our facility in best way
  • Providing the best machinery for increasing of our product quality.
  • Innovate in casting section.
  • Providing a good working place for working.
  • Promote our laboratory with new machinery